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Profoundly Fascist

Profound Lore have put out some superb stuff over the last few years, and I was intrigued by Winterfylleth, an “English Heritage Black Metal” (EHBM) band who do songs about the Battle of Maldon. Trouble is…well, here’s the trouble:

Please be friends with me, Mr BNP!This comment (retrieved from Google’s cache) got deleted pretty sharpish, although the BNP affiliation is still there, hidden away in the depths of their MySpace friend list. I wonder whether the label suggested it might harm sales, or asked them to keep it under their hats so as to keep the anti-fascists off their case. Well, tough shit either way.

If you’re going to spout transparently BNP-derived crap about immigration and “cultural heritage” in interviews, promulgate risible pseudo-historical fantasies about a racially pure “Anglo-Saxon” England, and cultivate a fan base consisting largely of charming people like this, then you might as well own up to it: you’re with the fash. You think black people and Muslims are spoiling your lovely country with their nasty foreign manners, and you’d like to see a White (er, sorry, “Anglo-Saxon”) Volk reversing its cultural “confusion” and asserting its ethnic “pride” and “identity”. You may or may not want to castrate the poofters, kick out the darkies, bring back the birch and line all the communist race traitors up against the wall, but it’s really only a matter of degree: even if you’re not as “extreme” as all that, there’s no doubt at all about which side of the fence you come down on.

So, White Pride Black Metallers - where’s the pride, eh?