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Glossing the Void

Glossator’s Call For Proposals requesting commentaries on black metal is a stimulating read in its own right. I dimly recall from my literary studies some text in praise of glossing (glozing?), which propounded an infinity of glosses upon glosses, an opaque lacquering of commentary. Nicola must surely know which one I mean (or perhaps there is an entire genre of commendations/comminations of glozing, glosses upon glossing?).

The Critics strip in this month’s Viz certainly upholds a conventionally bathetic view of blogging as glozing, and of glozing as flattering dissimulation - confined, ultimately, to the ouroborean finitude of “court circles” or little cliques of mutual admirers rather than spreading out unpredictably and uncontainably in a spider’s web of significance. What’s interesting about the blogosphere as currently constituted is that it does both: you get stable circuits of people chuntering away back and forth about each other’s posts, but also sudden (and sometimes brilliantly calculated) interventions and disturbances which can create tremendous excitement and busyness and bring all sorts of hitherto disconnected or mutually indifferent people to each other’s attention.