According to the writ of the law

“Antonin Scalia” sounds so like the villain in a particularly bloodthirsty Italian Opera. One hopes he was fetched to his immortal destiny in a suitably terrifying coup de theatre…

DEVIL (offstage): Justice Scalia! Justice Scalia!
SCALIA: Who’s there? Who’s there? Merciful heaven, can it be…?
DEVIL: Why there’s no mercy in heaven for you, Justice Scalia! No more than you showed to those poor souls above whom you sat in judgement in this life!
SCALIA: I discharged my responsibilities according to the writ of the law, no more, no less!
DEVIL: A no less dreadful law proclaims your doom. [Rises through floor, to blaring horns] Rise now, Justice Scalia and come with me!
SCALIA: Oh saints! Oh Holy Mother, have pity!
DEVIL: The saints weep for you, Justice Scalia; for so they do for all forsaken souls. Come now!
[Thunder. The DEVIL drags SCALIA down into HELL]