Trouser Python

Yes to all of this (Taylor Parkes on Monty Python in The Quietus, continuing a tremendous run of form). I think Python is essentially, and in both the best and worst senses, schoolboy humour – grounded in the libido of subaltern males. It’s anti-authoritarian, but its image of authority is the prefect or chaplain or headmaster. It’s alternately sexistly anti-sexist and anti-sexistly sexist (and only on rare occasions just plain sexistly sexist, but the shell game is a delivery mechanism for sexism either way): certainly the Pythons ridicule the heteronormative game, and the male stance within it, but they also ridicule women for upholding its conventions, and do so without any great sense of deeper solidarity. No Python woman ever indicates that she finds the whole business equally ridiculous and tiresome, or that she might be capable of making some good sharp jokes about it herself.