Apology For The Inevitable Flounce

You know that thing where once there’s a certain amount of carbon in the air the trees stop being a carbon sink and start being a carbon source – that thing where you haven’t enough space left on your hard drive to defragment it – that thing where the general level of ambient stupidity is such that no amount of thought or argument can do anything to reduce it but instead gets instantly translated into further stupidity and dumped on top of an ever-enlarging pile?

That’s why I don’t have a twitter account any more.

I couldn’t think of a good answer to the question “Why am I participating in something that is making me and everyone else who participates in it stupider?”

There might be more writing here as a result; or there might not.

2 thoughts on “Apology For The Inevitable Flounce”

  1. The cold world is a world whose active principle has ceased to function…When the fundamental distinction of a world collapses in this way, something becomes visible that was formerly indiscernable

    1. Well quite, although the metaphor here is more one of saturation: an overwhelmed immune system, one that can no longer regulate and detoxify its inputs. Overwhelmed guttering, or the point where an underpowered computer runs out of memory, starts caching to disk, and just grinds away paging data in and out with no hope of ever catching up with its tasks.

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