They Hand Down Detention

One remarkable thing about this (a school letter questioning Nigel Farage’s being made a prefect at Dulwich College, on the grounds that he was a self-proclaimed fascist) is the way that it acknowledges, in passing, the significant effects on self-confidence and future opportunity that such an appointment will confer. I never liked prefects; having been made a prefect did something to them, put the icing on the cake of privilege. They seemed to believe, as I could not, that they were fit to wield authority, that this authority came from something about their character that was good and worthy of emulation. Whatever it was, it wasn’t intelligence or imagination*. No doubt Farage still believes he is a person of outstanding character, a born leader, and that those who believe otherwise are lesser persons, driven by base resentment. What he actually is, is Arnold Rimmer with money – a total smeghead.

* I risk insulting some old school friends here. It should be hastily added that there were always exceptions.